Professional TV wall installations in Basingstoke & Surrounding areas

Advantages of wall mounted TVs

If you like a smart, clean, modern and luxurious 'interior designer look' then this is the way to go. Did you know Horizon Sound and Vision can also advise and supply the best TV option for you?

  • A clean, elegant solution
  • Cabling is hidden from view
  • Keeps the floor space clear
  • No need for traditional TV unit
  • Even the very largest flat-screen TV can be installed and wall mounted for improved safety
TV on wall
TV wall set up

Latest special offers

Grab yourself one of these latest special offers from Horizon Sound and Vision - Don't miss out.

  • TV wall installations. Call or email us for a quote
  • Hidden cabling (keeps everything neat and tidy)
  • Cable tidy box to hide all those cables
  • New bracket to hold soundbar directly under your wall-mounted TV installation

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